Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Autococker Pump Kits

Looking to step into the pump game of paintball but love the autococker that you already play with? Worry no longer, carries Autococker pump kits for all model autocockers. has Autococker pump kits available for 2k+, Pre 2k, and trilogy series autococker guns. Converting your autococker marker is simple and can be done within minutes! The autococker pump kits are one of the best upgrades available for autococker guns. You have the option to use your gun how it is or you can install this autococker pump kit and play pump! Also, if you ever need to switch back to your semi-auto cocker, that is still possible.

Playing pump will save you money as well as increase your skill! No more relying on shooting as much paint as possible and hoping to hit the target, now it becomes 1 shot per pump which means you better hit your target on the first couple of shots. One advantage of playing pump paintball is that with shooting less paint you are also going to carry much less paint on you, thus making you much lighter and more manueverable. This can help tremendously when trying to out run people shooting at you.

Convert your autococker now using these Autococker pump kits and see what all the hype is about.