Thursday, September 10, 2009

Pump Paintball Gun 10 Round Tubes

The pump paintball gun has been around for quite some time. It is about time that there is a bigger market for more convenient items for the pump player.

10 round tubes, also called 10 round pods, are a great item for any pump player. They are very easy to use and very convenient. Instead of trying to fill the small pocket hoper with a few balls from a larger pod, these 10 round tubes make it very easy.

10 round tubes hold, obviously, 10 .68 caliber paintballs per tube. Rather than trying to lug around a large 150 round pod which can be heavy when playing with more than 1, these 10 round tubes are small, lightweight and can fit in pockets with ease. I would recommend these 10 round tubes to any pump player.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pump Paintball Gun Pocket Hopper

The whole advantage of playing with pump paintball guns is that you carry and shoot less paint. Gen x Global has made a pocket hopper for all pump paintball guns. The Gen X Global pocket hopper will hold up to 40 paintballs. It is much smaller than any other loader on the market especially considering that all other standard loaders hold anywhere from 180-200 paintballs. With the pocket hopper for pump paintball guns you will be much lighter and be able to move much faster to get better position.

If you use a pump paintball gun then the Gen X Global pocket hopper is a must for you. The Gen X Global Pocket Hopper comes in two colors, black and clear.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Autococker Finger Pump Kit

The Autococker Finger Pump Kit is used on existing Autococker Pump kits. The Finger pump kit is designed for use when you are in a small space or just to get a faster pump. It shortens the distance you have to pump by bringing the pump much closer to you. This is great for when you need to lay down some quick fire or even when you're crammed behind a bunker and you don't have any room to pump the gun.

The Autococker Finger Pump Kit can work on any autococker pump gun. The installation is simple, just screw the finger pump kit on and you are all set. On some pump kits without pre drilled holes, drilling will be required.

The Autococker Finger Pump Kit is available now at!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Autococker Pump Kits

Looking to step into the pump game of paintball but love the autococker that you already play with? Worry no longer, carries Autococker pump kits for all model autocockers. has Autococker pump kits available for 2k+, Pre 2k, and trilogy series autococker guns. Converting your autococker marker is simple and can be done within minutes! The autococker pump kits are one of the best upgrades available for autococker guns. You have the option to use your gun how it is or you can install this autococker pump kit and play pump! Also, if you ever need to switch back to your semi-auto cocker, that is still possible.

Playing pump will save you money as well as increase your skill! No more relying on shooting as much paint as possible and hoping to hit the target, now it becomes 1 shot per pump which means you better hit your target on the first couple of shots. One advantage of playing pump paintball is that with shooting less paint you are also going to carry much less paint on you, thus making you much lighter and more manueverable. This can help tremendously when trying to out run people shooting at you.

Convert your autococker now using these Autococker pump kits and see what all the hype is about.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ANS X5 Pump Paintball Marker

ANS has been a leader in the paintball industry for over 15 years. Their paintball guns have been tested through years of experience to bring you the best the market has to offer. ANS paintball guns are 100% made and assembled in the USA. ANS Xtreme was established in 1982 and their first guns were produced in 1994. Innovation and determination has brought you the latest and greatest Cockers the industry has ever seen.

The new ANS X-5 combines grace and elegance with performance and perfection. The X-5 has been dramatically redesigned by players, for players, taking all suggestions and input and making it a reality. The X-5 has been put together to give you the best accuracy, consistency, and efficiency and will turn heads on the field. This marker will be a cornerstone in the paintball industry and inspire many changes and advancements in the industry for years to come.

  • Custom milled body
  • -----Weighs only 8 ounces
  • Clamping feed neck
  • -----Allows all hoppers to have a snug fit
  • Adjustable drop forward
  • -----Set up with macro line for easy modifications and reduction in weight
  • 90 degree swing frame
  • -----Shorter trigger pull than 45 frame
  • Delrin bolt
  • -----16 hole venturi face dispersing air evenly around the ball
  • -----Lighter moving mass
  • -----No inner body scratching
  • -----Self lubricating (no need for oil)
  • -----Delrin locking pin
  • QEV’s (quick exhaust valves)
  • -----Shortens trigger pull
  • -----Lowers LPR Pressure
  • New two piece stealth barrel
  • -----Two piece design for optimum accuracy
  • -----Custom porting pattern to allow minimal noise
  • -----689 inner diameter to work with all paintballs
  • 15 degree ASA
  • -----Balances gun with 90 degree frame
  • -----More comfortable grip
  • Redesigned low pressure inline regulator
  • -----Easy regulator adjustment
  • -----High flow rate
  • -----Gauge mounted under front block
  • New detent system
  • -----Dual detent system
  • -----Rubber detents which are easier on the paint
  • -----Adjustable hardness’s (included with the gun)
  • Ace holes drilled with eye covers
  • -----The marker comes drilled for ANS E-frame (E blade, and E blade 2 frames need slight modification to eye hole)
  • -----Aluminum eye covers
The ANS X5 Autococker Pumps are some of the most accurate pumps out there and are available in 2 colors; Grey and Red/Black.

Azodin Kaos Pump Paintball Gun - Black

The Azodin Kaos Paintball Guns are new to the paintball world and are some of the most reasonably priced paintball guns on the market. The Pump Paintball market is on the rise as players want to find ways to shoot less paint and save more money. With the Azodin Kaos pump gun, you will not only be saving money on paint but you will be able to hone in your paintball skills. With only one shot at a time, you are forced to make your shots count which helps you to improve crucial snap shooting in tournament play. Playing paintball with a Azodin Kaos Pump will help you become a better player and bring back a lot of the fun you had when you started playing.

The Kaos Pump (KP) brings all the innovations you've come to expect from the Azodin team to the pump market. Built on the Kaos chassis, the Kaos Pump provides closed-bolt performance in an entry level package.

The optimized valve and main springs of the Kaos Pump give you the efficiency you need when you are out at the field. The pump action is smooth out of the box so you don't have to worry about breaking in the pump action. The Kaos Pump features the innovative Triad Ball Retention System that prevents roll-out even when you are using the smallest paintballs.

With autococker threaded barrel, Ion threaded feedneck, standard ASA threads and bottom line mounting for both straight screws and dovetail, you can customize the Kaos Pump exactly how you'd like it.